Error codes on internet

A small article I had done via google drive for Facebook, 2 years ago… I decided to rewrite it on the blog. It can still be used!

Isn’t infuriating to have a page like that-ci? error codes

More most of the time, we do not even know does it mean!

Good! Don’t panic, here is opposite the main errors that were all at least once faced… FYI, there are mainly two types of errors:

  • The ‘clients’ errors that most often is the web browser. These errors always begin with the number 4 (ex: 404)
  •  Errors « servers », which I remind you is a computing device that offers services to different customers. Always begin with the digit ‘ 5 errors (ex: 501)

The 404 page can be customized to… A site brings together the most beautiful pages error, it’s worth a glance:

Codes Message Meaning
118 Connection timed out Time limit for the operation exceeded
301 Moved permanently How permanent moved
302 Moved temporarily Document moved temporarily
400 Bad Request The query syntax is incorrect
401 Unauthorized Authentication is required to access the resource
403 Forbidden The server understood the request but refuses to run it
404 Not Found Page not found
429 Too many requests The client has issued too many requests within a given period
450 Blocked by windows parental controls Code defined by Microsoft. This error is generated when Windows parental controls tools are activated and block access to the page
500 Internal server error Internal server error
501 Not Implemented Requested functionality not supported by the server
502 Bad Gateway or Proxy Error Bad response returned to a staging server by another server
503 Service Unavailable Temporarily unavailable service or maintenance
504 Gateway time out Time to wait for a response from server to an intermediate server has elapsed
509 Bandwidth limit exceeded Use by many servers to specify quota exceeded

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