Enough is enough !

Let’s just say that this time it’s a slam dunk.

The joy of having children… and the problems with them! A child is ungrateful. If I have the proof…

Between the one who doesn’t leave us alone for 5 minutes (even in the toilets) and who takes advantage of it to make a series of stupidities as soon as we turn our backs. The one who waits for us to fall asleep before going to his brother’s bed to sleep with him. The one who admits to you that he actually likes his brother to come and sleep with him when he’s got you drunk so that everyone can have their own room, you think that’s the cheerleader!

There’s also the one who literally yells at you because you forgot to print homework or you printed the same thing twice. The one who gets you drunk and goes for a walk with all four fingers almost as soon as you wake up. And the « I want this, I need that, I need that, » you’ve got it all. Sometimes you want to say a big « shit » and walk away!

Pas facile la vie de maman solo mais c’est parce que parfois on en a marre, que l’on a tendance à baisser les bras qu’on ne les aime pas. Ce n’est pas non plus parce qu’on ne lâche rien et que l’on s’acharne que l’on est forcément méchant. Non, si je ne lâche rien c’est surtout que si je le fais une fois, c’est foutu… Il faut ce qu’il faut.

I’m far from being a perfect mother, I always do the best I can and as much as I can. You shouldn’t judge people who have difficulties with their children because often it is also because of the character of the child and his difficulties. Believe me, this is not always easy to deal with.

In short, perfect parents don’t exist and neither do model children, let’s face it!

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