haven_saison_4That’s it ! The two last episodes of the second part of Haven  were broadcasted. There will be no season 6 .
Goodbye Audrey Parker, Nathan Wuornos , Duke Crocker … It was a great adventure .

” But I love this series, I don’t want it to stop ! “

How could I say ? All good things come to an end ?
I know for the fans, it’s hard but it must be a reason.
Admittedly, the story was sinking a little and stagnated at the same time . The impression this season 5, much too long ( for my taste) could have been much more interesting. I wonder if this season is not a season too much …

“But it wasn’t expected it to end like this … “

Indeed, one could think that Haven could last for a while. But the audience has been declining over the seasons . 2.34 million viewers in the US watched the first episode of this series against 528 000 for the latest (worst hearing ) . 1.8 million US viewers have gradually abandoned the series. Here’s a little chart that explains well this decadence :

GRaphique Haven

The ether will not save the series with supernatural powers based on the book ” The Colorado Kid” by Stephen King .


(source : Wikipédia)

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