Best wishes

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It is with a certain delay that I am going to present them to you 😀 …

I am in a rush !!!

But I wish you all the best for this new year. One year has ended, another is replacing it and another will replace it and so on …

As we say, a new year, these are new possibilities. The best is always ahead. I wish you luck, happiness, joy, love, friendship, peace and prosperity. May it be filled with harmony, hope and health.

Like the year before, I wish you good memories, warmth and laughter. Endless success and new opportunities in your life.

I also wish a happy new year to all things, to the world, to the sea, to the forests. Happy New Year to all the roses that winter is preparing in secret.

Rosemonde GĂ©rard

We must not try to add years to his life, but rather try to add life to his years.

Oscar Wilde

It is better to have a future than a past.

Victor Cousin

We do not suffer the future, we do it.

Georges Bernanos