Electronic drums

What a beautiful instrument an acoustic drum … but imposing too. However, there is an alternative: the electronic drum.

When we do not have a place or live in an apartment and our neighbors are not especially « opened », we can still devote ourselves to our passion with electronic drums.

Biography of an electronic drum

It is an electronic instrument that replaces the acoustic drum. The different pads transmit the different sounds of an acoustic drum with tge sensors and a module that will interpret the signals in MIDI sound.

A drum of any kind is usually composed of:

  • A bass drum
  • A snare drum
  • A hi-hat
  • A ride
  • A crash
  • An acute tom
  • A medium tom
  • A bass tom

The first electronic drums appeared in the 70s. However, they will be democratized in the 2000s with the appearance of leading brands like Roland, Yamaha or Alesis.

Today, many brands exist. You can buy an electronic drum from 200 €.

How to choose your electronic drum?

First of all, think about your budget. Also know if you want to buy it new or used. Because maybe you are targeting a particular brand but it does not necessarily fit in your budget, a new one.

You also have to see the quality. For that, nothing better than reading the reviews. An advice, avoid the electronic drums whose the hi-hat is a pad and not a cymbal …

Other types of electronic drums

There are of course other types of electronic drums:

alesis-compactkit-4-batterie-electronique-de-tTable drums that are laid flat on a stand (a table, for example). However, they have limited strike zones.

The drumpads are also laid flat and offer more flexibility when striking. Some can be connected to a computer to record.
You will understand: buy an electronic drum can not improvise. This has a cost and each one finds the one that best suits his expectations and his level.
I recommend Thomann‘s site with a great variety of instruments at all prices (shipping costs from 199 €) and where you will also find useful guides.

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