DJ Shoo, a guy who rocks !

Let me tell you about a DJ like no other!

You may not know him. Yet, this unusual energetic ignites the social networks. DJ Shoo of his real name Serge Shooner is a Quebec computer specialist like no other. Every Friday night, he turns into a magician of the night in live video and on Atomik Radio to make you vibrate until dawn to the sound of his latest hits. He became known in no less than 118 countries. It has an impressive music collection in his library and a crazy material to make his competitors pale. DJ Shoo does not skimp on ways. Yet he doesn’t earn any money from it, just his passion speaking. You will never find the same music from one program to another. He is also unlikely to play a commercial title of David Guetta, unless he is the first to find out.


DJ Shoo has always loved music. Over the years, Shoon of his usual nickname, will take care of all the parties organized between friends. His love for the web and the radio began more than 3 years ago when Christian Monier and Pascal Ortega from Atomik Radio (French radio web) came to recruit him after seeing him spread on Blogue TV (site of diffusion of Free webcam). The DJ Shoo machine was launched!
Every Friday evening DJ Shoo offers a unique show. With his accent and his curses from Quebec, he did not hesitate to stage himself. He is a wacky character who never takes himself seriously and likes to laugh.

I sold my soul to Lucifer for my world glory.

To make himself known, he uses all the tools that are at his fingertips.

His projets

He is currently working on the restructuring of his website. He also has monetization projects to make profitable all the professional equipment that he possesses.
DJ Shoo feeds the urge to work one day in a disco. However, he hesitates to apply it:

I’m Dj Shoo and not a mobile disco […]. I work so hard to find the last hits that I do not want to play stuff from the past […]. Another reason is that today DJs are treated like dishwashers with bad salaries.

With the advent of video, he knew how to be avant-garde and to position himself on the world chessboard. He hopes that one day a large company such as Sony Music or Universal Studio will offer him a project or a contract.

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