Differences between storytelling and copywriting

Storytelling and copywriting are words we hear more and more. But what do they mean exactly?


To put it simply, it’s the art of telling stories. Storytelling is used mainly in politics and in sales. However, we see it increasingly in all areas. It is also available in different forms: written, narrated (audio), imaged (video). If you want to go further, I advise you this article of marketing advice.
And what better than Adobe Spark to put the whole scene? !


It is the use of words for a purely advertising purpose to promote a product or service. In fact, everyone does copywriting without knowing it. For example, this article is the culmination of storytelling and copywriting. You, when you do your resume, you promote yourself. To be brief and direct, copywriting can be translated into advertising text.

Finally they are two very different concepts and so close at the same time …

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