The differences between the e-cigarette and traditional cigarette

We are increasingly likely to trade our good old traditional cigarettes against an electronic cigarette (also known as e- cigarette) . But what are the differences?



1st point

It is often said that the e-cigarette is cheaper than traditional cigarettes . It depends … If we really want to save money, we must also know where to buy . For example, for the material , I buy in Asia (i don’t have to be pressed ) . The box , the clearomiseurs ( Eleaf brand for both) and even the batteries ( as IMR ) . Then it depends on the consumption of liquid … We can spen more than we think.

2nd point

The e-cigarette is less harmful than traditional cigarettes . Here also it is discussed … We have not enough experience for that. We’ll have to see what happens over time. I personally  see a benefit  with the electronic cigarette: we no longer stinks of cigarette , we no longer ahve fingers and teeth yellow . When we vape because we do not smoke the e-cigarette , the smoke that is released is only the steam , it rejects nothing. Sometimes it happens that we feel a little smell ( flavor of the liquid ), but that’s all. We can vape in public places without taking the wrath of non-smokers . I already saw myself authorize to vape at a restaurant table . And in some places closed , it is clearly stipulated that vaping is authorised.

3rd point

Taste of course! A traditional cigarette consists essentially of tobacco (among others) and is a bland taste, it must be admitted even if there are flavors like anise or menthol . with the electronic cigarette you have a possibility of infinite flavors , tobacco , greedy, fruity … You can even legally vape cannabis if you want Yes, everything is possible!

4th point

Addiction is not the same. Of course , I mustn’t forget my electronic cigarette or I ‘d be very, very wrong … But compared to a traditional cigarette , addiction is not physical (the body which claims its dose) , here it is rather psychological (it’s in the head). Often , I can go without my e-cigarette for hours and hours, for little focused on something .

5th point

it is a fact , since I no longer smoke, I no longer coughs as damned. The taste and smell are thinner . I also see a lot of women who smoke during pregnancy. Maybe if they took an electronic cigarette with liquid 0 or 1.5 mg of nicotine , this would reduce the risks. Finally, this is only my personal opinion and it is best to not smoke or vape nothing. After all baby did not ask anything .



Smoking or vape remains a choice that belongs only to oneself!

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