A dickhead will always be a dickhead !

You know the phrase « doing your dickhead »? … Let’s talk about it !

I spoke to you last week about how to recognize a manipulator, today I will tell you about the dickhead. The dickhead is not necessarily a manipulator (but can be also a manipulator). The exact definition of « dickhead » is focused on the physical aspect but I go further. I have never focused on the physical in any field. For me a dickhead is rather someone who always wants to be right and never recognize his wrongs.

He will sulk and make you feel ridiculous. And nothing to do when you are facing this situation. That’s why a dickhead will always remain a dickhead whatever you do. The expression « only fools who do not change their minds » applies to the dickhead as dickhead = fool.

Attention, in general it is per period (fortunately). But in the meantime you have to get it. Nor do I know that they are only men, some women are also fairly rigid. And have you ever met such people?

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