DeepL, the new alternative to Google Translate

Finally something a little more serious!

DeepL is a machine translation service like Google Translation. It was launched in 2017 by Linguee. It can translate 12 languages. You can translate online or install the software or application. Its strong point is the accuracy compared to its competitors. It uses an artificial neural network. That is to say that a robot collects the translations already existing on websites. This software is able to grasp the nuances of the text to stick as much as possible to the context. Moreover, it offers variants as well.

To make it simple, let’s make a comparison of text translation from French to English:

What do you think? I admit that I’ve been using it for a while to translate my articles, which saves me a lot of time. Of course, I’m always rereading and I have to admit that I rarely have to modify something like Google Translation, which sometimes gave me very dubious translations… The problem with the latter is that it often translates word for word.

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