Darkweb or freedom of expression

Let’s go to the dark side of the web… Here, some light !

When we say darkweb, we immediately think of illegal, firearms, drugs, violence, scams, pedophilia… But no, darkweb, darknet or deepweb is not only that. You may or may not know it, but to access the depths of the web, Google Chrome will certainly not take you there. You need for example the browser TOR. The addresses of the darkweb are different from the ones we know. It is a series of letters and numbers and above all its extension is always in .onion.

I’ll give you a blatant example to get to the heart of the matter: Facebook. The real one, not a pale replica, it’s really Marck’s one. He has his .onion. Why does he have his .onion? It’s simple. In some countries, the famous social network is forbidden. This allows to get around this ban. If I chose this example, it is not by chance but free expression obliges!

So there you have it: freedom of expression. So, just like the surface web, you can find anything and everything there, everything you glean is to be hung with caution. But you can find sites of big newspapers on it! Journalists use it to publish articles that could not be published on the surface. Moreover, their anonymity is preserved, it is quite useful to avoid serious problems…

I don’t tell you how to go on the darkweb because you will find many tutorials for that. But it can be interesting to have a look on this side and maybe make some discoveries about current events or politics…

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