Covid-19, what about now ?

Let’s make a point of that!

It has been almost 9 months that we have been living next to him, 5 of which we have surely all been close to him from near or far. I had already done an article a few months ago to explain in a simple way what covid-19 was all about. I will come back to you exactly three months later to take stock of the situation. Next week I will give you a full report on this subject. I will also give you an update on the situation in mid-September and maybe another one at the end of the year, depending on how things develop. I don’t want to talk about it all the time either. I think we are being lobotomized enough with this.

I will get straight to the point, because we have all experienced more or less the same thing. We’re free again to do pretty much what we want. Yes, almost, because we still have to keep our gestures in check. It’s still too early to know if there won’t be a second wave. In my humble opinion, we will have to wait until October or even November or December to really assess the risks.

For the moment, I would say that we must enjoy life because we don’t know what tomorrow will bring. It’s summer, it’s beautiful, it’s hot. Certainly, these holidays have a bitter taste compared to before, but we should not deprive ourselves of the good things either. Unfortunately this world will not become a better place… 🙁

Let’s hear it!

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