Cougar sexagenarian !

Let me tell you a true story …

Here I transcribe the conversation that a friend had with a sexagenarian in need of young people. To put you in context, here is Gisele who was charmed by my friend who is 37 years old. I will not give you the name of the site of meeting but for the followers, they will recognize it without problem. 😉

G: Gisele just put you in her basket. Do not hesitate to send her a message to make her her favorite product!
Hello my chick
I have good recipes grandmother if you want … It tells you?

K: Good evening,
Cooking recipes?

G: What kind of recipes do you want? I do everything …

K: Well, you know I’m not doing too bad in cooking.

G: What’s your best recipe?

K: Well, for example, tonight I made a homemade aligot with a duck breast duck with red fruits sauce. And as a dessert, a chocolate fondant.

G: It makes you want to !! And what would you do to me?

K: well, I confess that here I am lacking inspiration … maybe, cassolette of St Jacques followed by a fish in foil. Very light for the evening.

G: Do you like crustaceans and seafood?

K: Yes, I love mussels and oysters.
Especially with cream.
But they must be fresh !!!

G: Not even fresh is eaten, do not waste it anyway.

K: You should not catch food poisoning anyway, it can be dangerous.

G: That passes away if Gisele falters

K: Mortecouille,
Where are the chicken? I’m hungry ! Where are the calves, the roasts, the sausages? Where are the beans, the stags? We feast at full belly to forget this injustice! Are not some soissons with good sod, a piglet, a roasted goat, some white swans well peppered? These amused mouths made me appetite.
So, how are you dressed for your sweet and hot nights?

G: In oyster shells

K: When they are closed, it is very difficult to open them. They feel protected from the outside world. Yet when confidence is at the rendezvous, they open and open their hearts.
A small mistake and it’s closed …

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