Connected objects : a revolution ?

I’ve always been interested in this subject without really becoming aware …

I would define the Internet of Things as the new technology of tomorrow because it is constantly changing as it exists since yesterday (that means since many years) . But for a definition is too complex to define …

Threat or opportunity ?

The main threat is that it creates big data . It gives the impression of being spied on our actions .
Paradoxically , this is an opportunity for brands that save valuable time in their innovations and improve their customer relationships.

Revolution ?

Some say it is the second Internet revolution. Through the connected objects , a close relationship is established between the virtual and the real .
The sectors currently most affected , in my opinion , are the automotive and Health care.But in a few years (or even months) all sectors will be affected.
You can connect every single object , even the most unlikely !

Service or assistantship ?

The whole thing is not to become dependent on these objects. This must remain a help and not a need.
But unfortunately this becomes like smartphones or computers, hard to go today anyway because everything is meant to use them.
However I do not think that man will ever be exceeded by connected objects. Future generations will be bathed in it.
My favorite connected object is the autonomous car . But many problems remain and need to be resolved .
And you, what is your favorite subject connected ?

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