Cancer: the little beast up and up … and destroys everything

Cancer : the scourge !

I ‘m not going to do a post on cancer in general but rather an inventory of different types of cancer .


Lung cancer

Lung cancer

It’s a disease of the cells of the bronchi and sometimes the cells that line the alveoli . This is one of the most widespread in the world.
For a long time it was called the smoking cancer , but we quickly realized that more and more non -smokers catch it .
The symptoms are usually persistent cough with no apparent cause coughing , shortness of breath, pain in the chest or shoulders that are unable to remove with traditional anti pain or recurrent lung infections. Purulent or bloody sputum also be taken into account.
There are three kinds of feasible treatment: surgery (preferred when possible ) , radiotherapy or chemotherapy.

Breast cancerBreast-Cancer

This cancer is one of the most common among women .
Symptoms are a modification of the size or shape of the breast, a lump in the breast , hard glands in the armpit , discharge from the nipple (sometimes bloody ) , a change in pigmentation or texture of the breast skin or areola or irreversible retraction of recent onset nipple.
Each cancer is different and requires appropriate treatment. Surgery is privileged with an ablation of the tumor ( lumpectomy ), partial removal of the tumor and part of the fabric and lining the chest muscles ( partial mastectomy ) or total removal of the breast muscle and lining pectorals ( radical mastectomy ) . Radiation and hormone therapy , like chemotherapy may be used.

images (1)Prostate cancer

This is one of the least dangerous, I mean, it is very treatable . Because in most cases the cancer has a slow evolution and little impact on life.
Symptoms are usually abnormal frequency or urgent need to urinate , a problem see the inability to urinate, pain while urinating or blood in the urine or semen or even erectile dysfunction .
Several methods of treatment exist , as appropriate. Most of the time , people choose surgery. But there are also treatments by radiotherapy, ultrasound , hormone therapy , chemotherapy or therapeutic vaccine against prostate cancer.

Cancer of the colon and rectumbhmindexa-zcoloncancer

It is a disease of the cells of the colon or rectum. This is a cancer that is slow to develop and can be effectively treated with early detection.
There are several types of cancer of the colon .
Symptoms are generally bowel habits , abdominal discomfort , blood in the stools, loss of appetite, unexplained weight loss or abnormal fatigue.
The methods here are more surgical (laparotomy , laparoscopy , colostomy … ). But there are also targeted therapies, a new generation of booming treatments.



Thyroid cancer

It is a cancer which is not very frequent .
Treatment involves removal of the thyroid , complemented by the administration of iodine 131. The cure rate is over 90 % and the recurrence rate is very low.



Cervical cancer

This cancer moves back through the screening techniques.
There are several types of cancer : uterine , endometrial or ovarian cancer .
They are discovered during Pap smears .
Treatment will depend on the stage of the cancer . If it’s superficial , it will be laser but it is up to the removal of the uterus .

larynxLip cancer, mouth and larynx

These cancers are more common than it seems.
Surgical therapy is often complemented by radiation therapy.
Warning signs are persistent difficulty swallowing , change in voice becomes hoarse , a node that grows in the neck , pain in the ears , tingling or pain in the mouth or throat, difficult or noisy breathing or bleeding in the mouth.

Liver cancercancer-foie-immunotherapie

Liver cancer is a serious disease because the liver is essential to life of every human being .
The treatments are many and it is as applicable and stage of development.

BrainBrain cancer

A very complex cancer that can be fatal.
The prognosis is related to the type of tumor.
Symptoms may be different from one person to another. This may be a temporary paralysis of a body part, an epileptic attack, blurred vision or headaches with or without vomiting .

Testicular cancertesti-no-title

It is a relatively rare cancer .
The main symptom is usually discovered a hard lump in a testicle.
Again the treatment depends on the type of cancer (surgery, radiotherapy or chemotherapy).

le-cancer-du-pancreas-est-l-un-des-plus-mortels_51676_w300Pancreatic cancer

This is cancer that affects men more than women. The risk factor is related to chronic and excessive alcohol consumption.
The signs are usually the onset of abdominal pain.
Prognosis depends here as the advance of the tumor , its quality and type .
Treatment is primarily surgical with in some cases a supplement chemotherapy.

Bone cancer2095183-focus-wide

All bones may be the site of a tumor called « malignant  » .
In most cases, symptoms are bone pain .
The main treatment for this cancer is chemotherapy.

grain-de-beaute_70004_w460Skin cancer

This is a fairly common cancer due to prolonged exposure and repeated sun .
Suitable treatments are surgery and radiotherapy in some cases .




cancer of the small intestine

This cancer is rare .
The main symptoms are abdominal pain with gas barrier and materials.

00000000cancerStomach cancer

Symptoms include stomach pain , loss of appetite , nausea, sometimes vomiting , fatigue , weight loss or anemia . Gastrointestinal bleeding can occur but are rare .
The only treatment is surgical.

Cancer of the pleuracancer-plevre-2

In general , symptoms result in pleural effusion possibly with chest pain.
This is one of the most difficult to treat cancer unfortunately .


Esophageal cancer

90% of these cancers are due to tobacco and alcohol.
Treatment is primarily surgical ( esophagectomy ) .
The prognosis depends primarily on the extent of the tumor and the presence or absence of lymph nodes and metastases .



Bladder cancer

Treatment will depend on its stage . If it is superficial , endoscopy supplemented by chemotherapy or immunotherapy will be sufficient. But in the most advanced cases , the removal of the bladder will be made and replaced by a substitution pocket.





Le cancer n’est pas une seule maladie car il en existe de  différentes sortes Par exemple, la leucémie en est une. Il en existe tout un tas et je ne peux malheureusement pas toutes les lister.

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