But what is it, a community manager ?

Too many people don’t know (yet) what a community manager is . Too many people believe that a community manager does  » wanks  » nothing all day long  ( « Oh… In fact you’re all day on Facebook …  » ) . Too many people believe that this is an easy job … It seems to me that a clarification is worth !

First, when anounced that I wanted to be a community manager , people looked at me with big eyes (:shock:) :  » And this is uh … wha job is it exactly ?  » … Now my family is beginning to understand this business. Even even if they still don’t get all of it …

what is the problem of perception ? This is a relatively new job (though a bit outdated) and how many times I hear that it’s too easy , I’m paid to do nothing because all day on social media .
Community Manager (CM) is considered as a non job because we need to spend a lot of time on the social network, though it is necessary. Most of the people think that the social network is just an entertainment. But, in our days, everything go through this even work, business and so on.
Our purpose is to create links between the so many tools of communcation existing on the web. If you have a website. It’s good, but if you don’t promote it, then how would you get known by your clients ? We have to be at any time available to resolve any problem, that is why we have to work at home. Plus, you may know that the peaks of connections to social media are mainly on the evenings and weekends …

Let’s see now , in detail all the tasks to be performed by a community manager .

Community manager

The primary function is : to create, to manage , to lead and to unite a community on the social media .


When running social media or a forum, we ensure that everything goes in the right direction and that it doesn’t degenerate .

Web analytics

Well, it ‘s like anything , we must have results! We must analyze all user interactions on social media (shares , likes , comments , retweet … ) . But not only that …  we Often do the same thing for the site. Google analytics ( among others) is here for that but go check it out, you novice digital , you will lose fail because it’s so powerful and so complex.


Does it tell you something ? No ? I do ! And I can tell you that i’s sometimes a real headache ( thank you Google ) with these algorithms that don’t stop to change everyday.
SEO takes time of course, neurons and patience …
SEA is a paid referencing (sponsored ads).
The SMO , it is optimized for social media .


Being a CM is being as a journalist. We have to be sure of the information we share so we need to make researches and work within the legislation.


Warning ! Webmarketer is a full-time job ! No one can wake up one day and deciding instantly to become one !
The webmarketer’s mission is to generate traffic and sales on a website. He must be an expert in marketing.


It’s a job too ! The community manager can do some little tricks , but that’s all.
A web designer is primarily a digital artist. It’s the person who is responsible for designing and implementing the design of a web interface (this is called the graphic chart ) .

Digital standby

It’s also called content curation . It is collecting what is relevant through the web. Whether to share or keep current , several types of digital standby exist:

  • The digital information standby : stay informed of relevant information related to a specific theme or topic.
  • Digital technology stanby : keep abreast of the latest trends and innovations in digital.
  • Digital competitive standby : stay informed of what the direct competition does.
  • Digital business standby : stay informed of products and markets.


Generaly it is to write and send newsletters.

CMS managing

In some cases, the community manager may need to make changes on the company’s website . A good knowledge of the main CMS ( Prestashop , WordPress, Drupal, Joomla …) is essential. Also, knowing how to encode HTML5 and CSS3 is a real plus !

Often we observe the too many small companies and most of the time, they fail because of not having seriously enough study the power of social media .
In conclusion, the community manager is not as easy as it seems ! We must have a common sense , creativity , a very good spell , a touch of humor and above all a great coolness ( down from social media is a jungle ) .
If you find this article incomplete, please complete and give your views through comments.

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