Brave: new browser that wants to dethrone Chrome?

Read, I promise you will find this interesting!

Do you know the Brave browser? No ? It’s an open source web browser whose main goal is to protect your privacy! This makes it a totally different browser compared to its direct competitors Chrome, Firefox or Edge.

According to its inventor, it would be up to 40% faster than Chrome due to elements that it does not load such as cookies and ads. It is 4 years old. Its first version was released in 2016.

I will also tell you about the BAT (Basic Attention Token) which is a cryptomony specific to Brave. With this money users can reward content creators. To earn BATs, you have to join the Brave Rewards program. You can earn BATs by watching so-called clean ads because they don’t have trackers. You can also add funds.

Based on Chromium, the browser is compatible with all Google Chrome extensions. You also have the possibility to import all settings and favorites.

However, there are still some bugs. You might be surprised if a website doesn’t load or loads badly.

It seems to me that the best way to show you all this is to do it on video! You can download it by clicking here.

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