Bon Jovi: some dark details…

Let’s go to the dark side of the Bon Jovi group…

I had already done an article on Bon Jovi that you can find here.

In 2007,Ritchie Sambora enrolled in a detoxification facility in order to solve his problems with drugs and alcohol. He was going through a difficult time at the time. In 2008, he was arrested for being drunk. In 2011, he decided to go back to rehab in a center. And in 2013 he suddenly left the group.

David Bryan, the keyboardist of the band had to recover from a virus that made him lose a lot of weight, he almost died. It was parasites that mainly attacked his intestines and stomach. I can assure you, he is completely cured.

Jon Bon Jovi also had his ups and downs. Father of 4 children, his eldest daughter overdosed on medication in 2012. Fortunately more fear than harm!

Tico Torres, the drummer, confessed in 2009 that he had an alcohol addiction. But he is treating himself as best he can. He has ups and downs.

Bon Jovi is a mythical band but that doesn’t prevent them from going through some difficult times…

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