Why better to have a sexfriend than a lover ?

True love, do not be fooled, is very difficult to live. And when that ends, it often does damage. So the solution would be to take a sexfriend …

Definition of sexfriend

In sexfriend, there is sex and there is friend. So it’s a relationship between two people based on sex. This is not a plan in the true sense of the word. It is a regular partner.


The major advantage is the « zero grip ». We see each other, we sleep together and everyone leaves on his side as « normal » friends. It is a affectionate friendship so with tenderness (what a sextoy will never get you). These are the advantages of the couple without the disadvantages …

Yes but…

Disadvantages, there are still some. The biggest risk is falling in love with his sexfriend.

For those who don’t want to engage and who are not followers of the « one shot », it’s a very good alternative. But you have to make things clear from the start. Do not go for the first come but choose it. Because sexfriend rhymes with complicity and must be fully compatible with you at this level. Before you start, do not hesitate to chat with your future gaming partner.

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  1. A man for all girls…. Why am I?… Because all girls just want me for themselves

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