Benvenuti in Italia : North Italy

I still want to travel! Not even afraid of coronavirus, do you? (At the same time, we won’t catch it in words.)

After having made you travel on my blog by scouring North America, I want to take you to Italy, in 4 articles that I cut out as follows:
– Northern Italy
– Southern Italy
– Sardinia
– Sicily
And we start right away with Northern Italy where I grouped the 9 northern regions (well rather logical you will say).
for info: The regions of Northern Italy are :
– Valle d’Aosta
– Piedmont
– Lombardy
– Trentino-Alto Adige
– Friuli – Veneto Julia
– Veneto
– Emilia Romagna
– Liguria
– Tuscany


We start of course with Aosta which is… in the Aosta Valley. It’s the smallest region in Italy. Aosta is its capital. The city is close to the Gran Paradiso National Park where an Alpine Botanical Garden with paths where you can admire wild animals such as ibexes and eagles awaits you.

Otherwise, there is also the Triumphal Arch of Augustus, the Praetorian Gate and the Aosta Cathedral to see.


Piedmont is located at the foot of the Alps. It is very well known for its cuisine and wine. I’ll take you right away to Turin which is the capital.


There’s a lot to do, to see, to visit… Unfortunately, I can’t put everything in there, otherwise we’ll spend the article! Some selections are necessary.

In Piazza Castello you will find many historic buildings such as the Royal Palace and Palazzo Madame.

As for the Carignan Palace, it houses the Museum of the Italian Risorgimento. A good way to learn about the history of the unification of the states of Italy.

San Carlo Square is one of the main squares of the city. Here you will find two twin churches and the equestrian statue of the Duke of Savoy.

The main church of Torino is the Cathedral of St. John the Baptist. It is reputed to house the shroud that is said to have wrapped the body of Christ.

The Porta Pallazzo market occupies almost the entire Piazza della Republica. It is the largest open-air market in Europe.

The Valentino Park, which extends over almost 42 hectares, is an ideal place for the whole family.

We all know that Italy is the land of the churches. Well, here’s another one, the Gran Madre di Dio.

Finally, to finish (because we have to finish one day…) the visit of Turin, I suggest you the Villa of the Queen which is on one of the hills overlooking the city.

Lake Maggiore

It is one of the most beautiful lakes in Italy. Here you can walk around and admire magnificent villas and castles such as Villa Ponti in Arona or the Visonti Castle in Locarno. There are also several botanical gardens such as Villa Taranto, and nature reserves such as the Ticino Valley Nature Park. You can also practise sports activities here.


World capital of fashion and design, it is also known for its chic boutiques and restaurants.

Duomo di Milano is enthroned in the city centre.


If I say Veneto, you say Venice. Bingo! It’s the capital but there’s only Venice in this region. Follow the guide!


Welcome to Venice, get lost in its alleys (if, if it’s possible, believe me, if I can do it, you can too 😀 ). Of course the first thing to see here is the famous Basilica of Saint Mark.

Then head for the Doge’s Palace. This museum is steeped in history.

After a good ride, a little gondola ride, to see the city differently, will be welcome.

The beautiful Verone

That’s right! Veneto is also Romeo and Juliet. The arenas are huge and contain a Roman amphitheater of the 1st century.

Take a trip to the Casa di Giulietta as well. Even though it is a work by Shakespeare, he chose to locate the action here.



Parma is located in Emilia Romagna. Here when I tell you Parma, you will answer me: ham!
Apart from eating this delicious ham, Parma is also known for its famous historical centre. The symbol of the city is a cathedral (yes, another one), Santa Maria Assunta.


Genoa is a port city. It is also the capital of Liguria.

The Strada Nuova is one of the most beautiful streets in Europe..

The city’s aquarium remains the port’s biggest attraction.


We will end our journey in Tuscany, whose capital is none other than Florence.


In addition to the famous Cathedral of Santa Maria Del Fiore, you can also find Giotto’s bell tower.

The galleria dell’accademia has many paintings and sculptures from the 13th and 16th centuries. It is here, in particular, that Michelangelo’s David took up residence.

Boboli’s garden is located just behind the Pitti Palace. You could compare it to the gardens of Versailles.

Another garden with the Giardino Bardini. It is typical of the Renaissance.

The Baptistery of Saint John is one of the oldest buildings in Florence.

Of course you should not miss to go to Piazalle Michelangelo. Famous place from where you will have a panoramic view of the city.

The Tower of Pisa

We end this first escapade with the most iconic tour of the country. It took more than 80 years to build! Originally it was meant to serve as a bell tower.

I hope you liked this first draft and made you want to go there. I’ll see you next week for the southern part of the country.

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