Avril Lavigne’s tour

What a phenomenon!

Known in the 2000s thanks to her title Complicated, Avril has been well known. Her dad is of French descent. Her grandparents are from Quebec, but she is from Ontario.
In 2011, Avril is moving to Paris to study French. She will get married in France in 2013 with the singer of the Nickelback. She will divorce for the second time in 2015.
She reveals in 2015 that she is suffering from Lyme disease and that is why she is more discreet. Since her youngest age she has been on Ritalin due to severe hyperactivity.
She has also played a few roles in movies and series such as Sabrina, the apprentice witch.
What will follow is very interesting. A polemic, which to this day remains… Worthy of an urban legend since 2003, a strange rumor is circulating. Avril Lavigne would no longer be the Avril Lavigne of beginnings! It all started from the fact that, as she was not comfortable with anything paparazzi, she would have hired a lookalike, a mysterious Melissa Vandella… Until then, you may not see the connection. I’m getting to that… In 2003, Grandpa Lavigne died, they were very close. And that’s where it all accelerated. Unable to cope with her grandfather’s disappearance, Avril commits suicide. The record company, not wanting to lose the goose with the golden eggs, seized the double in order to make a clone of Avril Lavigne! The little problem is that I’ve carried out my little investigation and there is no known Melissa Vandella in the battalion… So there is this picture:

But that doesn’t prove anything. From 2004, she radically changed her style. Again, that again doesn’t prove anything. You only have to see Madonna changing her style every four mornings. And then there’s surgery too!

Okay, I like Avril Lavigne, and I think that, uh… She’s a little lost but that’s not why she’s not her right now ! I remind you that to survive, artists must always innovate and don’t hesitate to change their musical style or provoke. If I tell you Lady Gaga or Miley Cyrus, does that mean anything to you?

Apparently she’s not the first to have been the victim of such a rumour, Paul McCartney or Beyoncé would have been killed as well. In the meantime, it was not until 2019 that she finally officially denies this famous legend.

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