Let me tell you the story of a dog…

Jack the dog

Hello, my name is Jack, it’s me in the photo. I have 3 years in December and it is already 2 times I change master. Finally, this time it is a mistress who is very nice with me (a little too maybe?).

I still find it hard to get used to the idea that I see more my (former) teachers. However, I liked them and I know they loved me also.

Yet, I know why they separated from me. Well Yes… I made a big mistake. I didn’t, I am a nice dog but the problem is that I’m afraid of everything, and I want to protect above all those I love. The fact is that I do not the difference and whether adults or children, I dark to let them know that this is my home, I do not know and guided by my fear, I take the tone and I ended up pinched a lady and I also grabbed the arm of a 4-year-old boy. I do not tell you, I was not proud after that!

The companion of my master was shocked because she had not expected and everything changed! My master took me in a gentleman who made me do a bunch of tests, I don’t tell you stress. I was in uncharted and there was another dog, I dared not go. The verdict was without appeal, the feared were based and advised to separate from me because there were risks to my small masters.

I am intelligent and I quickly understood by returning to the House that my days were now numbered. They have therefore made sure to find me a new House by taking the time to find the right home for me. I am so grateful.

Admittedly, I often aboyais against my little master but it is normal, flying me my croquettes. He had to do something. All that is in my Bowl is to me! It happened to me also, often, scratching playing but I did not express, it is because my pesky claws!

Still is that this is, it happened, it must be that I make me a reason but it is very hard either for me or for them.

Ad dog givesThis story is that the dog we had. Found on the right corner, April, we were miles away to imagine having to part so quickly. The moral of this story is that should not be judged too quickly saying that an aggressive animal is necessarily bad, this is not true. If that were the case, it long ago that we would have had problems. He was simply fearful and we did not know about his past. There could be a second moral: pay attention to ads, ask questions, take your time before adopting an animal because you could quickly regret it. We had a dog before we got to the age of 3 months and that it had been almost 13 years (RIP).

For my part, it seems to me that the ad online was clear (playing on humor, as in this article) but in no case I’ve hidden anything. The goal is not to rid ourselves as quickly as possible but to find him a place to live until the end of his days.

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