Amusement parks in Belgium

We do, virtually and by the mind, what we can’t do physically…

Article a little different because it will be punctuated with videos to really feel like you’re there!

Plopsaland and Plopsaqua at De Panne

Plopsaland was opened in 2000, which is not quite true… Originally this park opened in 1935 and was called Meli Park. The theme of this park revolves around bees, by the way « méli » is the anagram of « honey ». It is in the 70’s that it became a real amusement park with its monorail which will close in 2006.

In 1976, the roller coaster of the raging Beetle took place and became the symbol of the park. They are still in operation under the name of Victor’s Race.

The storm Daria in 1990 caused a lot of damage and gently signs the decline of the park. It is thus under the name of Plopsaland that it reopens in 2000. It currently has 53 attractions including 6 roller coaster and 3 water attractions. Not really much to do with the original park…
New this year is the remodeling of the Dino Splash which turns to prehistory where you will be in front of moving living dinosaurs, swirling volcanoes and streams of lava (it really makes you want to go there!).

Before we continue, I’d like to take you on a little tour of the park:

In 2015, opens Plopsaqua, a 4000m² water park with 15 attractions.


It is a park located in Stavelot with 22 attractions and is part of the same group as Plopsaland and Plopsaqua. Plopsacoo wants to be resolutely natural and integrates its attractions without distorting the landscape. The very first attraction of this park was a chairlift at the opening of the park in 1976 (called at the time Télécoo) which dates back to 1955 and is still in operation today.

The park also has a mini zoo.

Walibi and Aqualibi Belgium

Walibi Belgium opened its doors in 1975. It offers about forty attractions. In 2016, the park is investing in the Pulsar roller coaster, which is unique in the world.

Walibi’s oldest attraction is Kids Airlines which dates back to 1975.

In 1987, Aqualibi, considered at the time as an attraction of the Walibi park, opens. At the end of the first season, it will be a fully-fledged water park open all year round. It offers 11 attractions.


Founded in 1954 is a cousin of the one who founded Méli Park, it now has about thirty attractions. The Bellewaerde aquapark opened its doors on 1 July 2019. Bellewaerde was first a zoo. It was not until 1978 that the first attraction appeared with the Tow boat ride.

The oldest attraction is indeed their very first one called Jungle Mission and I must admit that it was the one I liked the least. There was also a monorail that no longer exists.


Bobbejaanland is a park that opened in 1961. Founded by a Flemish singer whose aim was to create first of all a showroom, finally decided with his manager to make a combination of shows and attractions. It currently has around 50 attractions including 7 roller coasters and 7 water attractions.

The oldest attraction and its big wheel dates back to 1971.

Boudewijn Seapark

Formerly called Boudewijnpark, it was named Boudewijn Seapark in 2004. It has 22 attractions. Its special feature is that it is the only dolphinarium in Belgium. It was opened in 1972.
It also has a water park and a skating rink.

Well, I hope I’ve saved you the time of these few pages. I’ve gone back into my memories and even remembered things. Bellewaerde and his ladybird that I loved so much … Walibi and his boomrang or Maya the bee at the Méli Park (yes I knew him by that name)… A pure moment of joy.

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