Advertising formats

It is far time of only horizontal banners top as single advertising medium. Today many advertising formats exist. Also called vertical banners « skyscrapers » advertising inserts through the buttons, pop up or pop down, promotional links or texts or videos, today everything leads to creativity.

If the banners are effective for branding, promotional links, despite their simplicity, begin to achieve very interesting clicks rates.

Think also of the email with integrated advertising which reached a substantially higher clickthrough rate than those in web sites. Be careful to send mailings to people who wanted (opt-in).

Videos banners, they also proved their worth. However the message must be clear and quality. But with an average of 11.8% on mobile and 4.25% on desktop, registered clickthrough rate in 2013, they have the wind in its sails!

Also prefer to put your ads on the inner pages of your site for better targeting.

UDA (Union of advertisers in France) reported that 33% of online campaigns were not seen by Internet users in 2012.

Here are some links that will give you an overview of ad formats and help you implement an effective advertising campaign:

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