What is the difference between coming and having an orgasm (for women) ?

Having an orgasm and coming can be two different things. Here is the explanation …

As I had already explained here, a woman does not necessarily have an orgasm at each sexual intercourse. She can have pleasure without going that far.

Men will still tell me that women are really complicated. Ok … I confess even for us, sometimes it’s not so simple to really determine.

We agree that orgasm is the bridge of enjoyment. It is difficult to explain. Coming is to take pleasure, but that is not what, satiates our pleasure, relieves us. I always compare a woman’s orgasm to a man’s ejaculation. Orgasm is therefore the culmination of enjoyment but attention is not a goal either. And as I had already explained, it’s a « letting go ».

So I repeat again, having an orgasm does not have to be a goal or purpose. The most important thing is to have fun with your partner.

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