4 tips to keep your WordPress site healthy


Here are 4 little tips that will ensure long life to your WordPress site!

 1/ Make regular backups

It will never be said often enough: save, save, save! This is the basis. Imagine making a fatal mistake or been hacked?
And it’s not just backing up your articles but the full site including the database. One does not go without the other.
There are plugins to do this automatically. Some hosts also offer this feature. Better save twice than not at all!

2/ Update theme and plugins

It is very important to do this regularly. It is also essential to check at least twice a year, that your plugins are always updated by their developer. If it has not been the case for some time: change it! Because a plugin that is no longer updated is a door open to piracy.

3/ Protect your files

Protection, protection and re-protection! If you do not want to have unpleasant surprises, do it now! With small pieces of code in the .HTAccess file, you will be able to sleep on both ears. You can find them here.

4/ Protect yourself from hotlinking

A still poorly understood term is to use the address of a file published on one website to display it on another.
Here is a very good article on Kingsta’s site which explains in detail how to protect yourself from this practice.

If you already apply these tips, your website will have health for many years!

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