2015 : The black year for non-state terrorist incidents

2015 was a rough year for the French which ended as it began : bad … But we were not the only ones affected by these attacks …

More than 2785 people worldwide died in an attack . Whether in Russia , Mali , Egypt , Nigeria , Thailand or Turkey, France , Somalia or Iraq, the world has experienced a bad year . Some countries have been more affected than others.
I unfortunately can not list all cities, that’s too long but I recommend this article on Wikipédia who compiled a partial list of deadly attacks since the 1800s .



As I said , it was a bad year for France. From the beginning of January, we suffered no less than 4 attacks that killed 17 people and wounded twenty . France has taken a hit on its freedom of expression but hasn’t weakened.
Seven months later , it was fusillades in Paris whose Bataclan and its periphery. We mourn 130 dead and many injured.
An attack in June had also made 1 dead and 2 injured.
All these attacks were claimed by the Islamic State (DAECH) . That November was the deadliest since World War II.


In February , it was the turn of Copenhagen to be attacked by 2 shootings .
The first was closely linked to that one of January in France .
The second occurred in the Great Synagogue .
In total 2 dead and 5 wounded.


Tunisia has not been left out either with no less than 3 attacks.
The first in March killed 2 people( Bardo Museum ) .
The second , in June , occurred on a beach and two tourist hotels near Sousse which killed 39 people.
In November , the third hit the country with an exploding bomb in a bus Presidential Security in Tunis and killed 12 people and wounded 17 others.


In June , the country was the victim of a bomb attack against a mosque killing 27 people and wounding nearly 230 others.


In July , a suicide bomber killed 32 people and in October , a double attack in Ankara made more than a hundred dead people and at least 500 injured during a peaceful demonstration .



Egypt has been attacked many times.
In January , near Gaza by thirty dead people.
In February , one person was killed in front of a pizzeria that exploded .
In March, two bombs exploded in Aswan and Cairo, leaving 4 dead and fifteen wounded.
In July , a bomb against the Italian consulate made 1 dead and 9 wounded.
In October , the crash of Metrojet company flight 9268 made 224 victims claimed by the Islamic state .
In November , a car exploded , killing 3 policemen and in the end of the month , it’s a suicide bombing in a hotel leaving 4 dead .
Sadly this country will end the year with a Molotov cocktail attack in a Cairo nightclub that will make 16 dead…



It’s in August , in the Thai capital that a bomb exploded making a dozen victims .



This country was one of the most attacked in 2015 .
In January , with the massacre of Baga making more than 130 dead. A girl carrying a bomb killed 19 people in a market. 5 dead in a suicide bombing and another double bombing that also killed 4 people in another market.
In February, a double bombing at a bus station killed 34 people and another where a suicide bomber blew himself up , the second will be shot down before he makes explode.
In May , it’s not less than 3 attacks in different areas killing more than 40 people.
In June , at various locations, attacks killed more than 87 people.
In July , a double explosion in a market made a hundred deaths .
In August another attack on a market made fifty dead.
In September , it’s a bomb which killed 7 people in a refugee camp and a few weeks later , another Boko Haram’s attack made 117 dead.
In October , no fewer than two attacks against mosques killed fifty people.
In November , many attacks are reporting 82 deaths.
On Christmas Day , a bomb in a village killed 14 people .



In November , 43 people were killed in a double suicide bombing in Beirut.




In August , a bloody attack took place at a hotel housing the ONU personnel .
In November , it was a hostage in a hotel that killed 21 people . At the end of the month, a rocket attack made 3 deaths.



In July , shots against military killed 5 people .
In December , a shooting in a center for people with disabilities near Los Angeles has left 14 people dead and about twenty wounded .



The common thread with all these attacks? Most were claimed by the Islamic state . Why ? That’s a very good question. Besides the fact they are mentally retarded (yes , really should not have brains to put bombs on kids ) , maybe (ok , sure ) , the fault of our governments who see only their interests and not care about the jaws of the people, given the fallout (attacks ) arriving anyway on our mouth (not on them ) …

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