15 essential plugins for your WordPress website

WordPress is a simple tool to create your site and also very complete with plugins. You can not create a WordPress site without plugins add! It’s impossible ! Your site may not be visible to the public eye but a good target for hackers. And just for that … it takes plugins.


Here is a list of my plugins. Some are more important than others. And of course, you can find others which will make the same job! Tastes and colors do not discuss. At everyone to find plugin with which you will be comfortable and will work perfectly with your theme.

1/ 404 – Your smart custom 404 error page

This may be a detail for you but for others it means a lot. If your theme integrates this function, you can move to the next plugin. Otherwise, I strongly suggest you look there quickly. It’s always nice a custom 404 page …

2/ All-in-one WP security & firewall

Security is important! Just for that, you need a plugin. I recommend it because it is very comprehensive.

3/ Backup WordPress

Always a matter of security (more for you, this time), make regular backups of your website is very important, believe me! This, allows to do it automatically.

4/ Broken link checker

It is never pleasant to come across a link that does not work. This plugin allows to correct these problems. It automatically detects links that do not work, missing images or redirections.

5/ Cache enabler – WordPress cache

This plugin purge the cache of the website, which among other things will enable your site to load faster.

6/ Custom background changer

Because sometimes, we want to put a picture or different background color on one or more pages and it would be too complicated to go into the code, the  plugin does it for you. I admit this is not really an « indispensable » but can be very handy and therefore indispensable in some cases.

7/ Google analytics by Webkinder

also important to have statistics site. Some themes have this functionality and others not. Most of it, is that it ignores your visits, avoiding inaccurate results.

8/ JetPack

Personally, I find it indispensable. Others will tell you otherwise. There’s a lot of very interesting options. You are not forced to use all these options but why deny. By cons, make sure it is fully compatible with your theme and other plugins you use. Let us avoid unnecessary disputes!

9/ Maintenance mode

When you work on your site to improve it and avoid problems with your visitors, you’d better put them a little message when they come to your website. It’s safer. I’m a fan of it because with one click you can put in maintenance mode and never forget to turn off because you’ll always have under the eyes  the state maintenance mode (on the top in the admin bar ).

10/ Optimize database after deleting revisions

Again, the database is important. It can quickly grow with useless data. This greatly slow down the loading site.

11/ Revive old post

Never underestimate the reach of social networks (word of CM!) To (re) live your old articles, simply reshare them!

12/ Social media auto publish

JetPack does but sometimes it works badly. And it is important to share new articles on social networks upon publication thereof. Here is one of the many plugins that does it.

13/ Social share buttons – Social pug

We must encourage people to share your articles on social networks. For that do not hesitate to make their lives easier by putting buttons bars to share with 1 click. JetPack does it but nothing prevents you to put other plugins like this, where you can put a fixed vertical bar (always visible).

14/ WP smush

Still optimization in the air! We must also think for images! This is one of the root cause of a long loading site. This plugin will automatically optimize your images.

15/ Yoast SEO 

SEO = visibility on the web. A much valuable help to optimize your pages and your articles. However, be careful because there are incompatibilities with some themes and plugins.

Not all my plugins but much. If you have other plugins that you find indispensable, please let us know in the comments.


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